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See what my clients have to say about Freedom Renegade coaching! Using This Naked Mind methodology, my personalized approach will provide a unique and exceptional experience for you too. 

"This Naked Mind Certified Coach Ruby Williams has helped me make profound mental shifts in my limiting beliefs and thinking processes. Our coaching sessions have been easy and fun. Ruby utilizes gentle, clear and thoughtful questioning; while also reviewing my assigned homework to shine light on the areas that need more of my attention for personal growth.

The breakthroughs are coming fast and by using the tools and ideas that she shares; we have uncovered beliefs that are no longer serving me. Now more than ever, I am feeling empowered and motivated for change because of the 1:1 coaching with Ruby. She is helping me realize how important my needs are and to remember that; if I want to have the life I truly want I must simply decide to commit to my own highest potential to realize my dreams."

Kristen Olson

Sonoma, CA 

"I have been a client of Ruby Williams for the past few months, and I have felt so inspired by the work she is doing with me! Her positive and caring nature help me feel that I am in a safe space, where I can open up about my addiction. This is work, but it is positive! I feel invigorated, inspired and happier about my life and my journey each time our sessions are completed! I feel more in control of my life! I plan to continue with Freedom Renegade Coaching sessions by Ruby Williams going forward. Thank you so much for the amazing work you are doing with me!"

Annika Kane

Concord, CA 

“I feel amazing and inspired to love myself more because of Ruby Williams’ excellent coaching. She draws out issues, just by listening to the words I am using and she encourages me to see a higher possibility for living my life to the fullest. I always feel ready to tackle the things I have been procrastinating on. I’m truly grateful for Ruby’s empathy and guidance.”

D. Benway

Santa Rosa, CA 

"I couldn’t recommend Ruby’s coaching services more highly. 

I am a recent college graduate currently applying to medical schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only has she helped me begin realizing my potential without the influence of alcohol in my life, she has also been an encouraging voice that has allowed me to better articulate my goals and strategies to achieve them. 

She is a compassionate, considerate, and competent coach who truly seems to be motivated by a passion to improve the lives of those she works with."

C. Hahn

Albuquerque, NM

It's Your Time. 

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