Freedom from Alcohol. Are you open to change?

Change your thoughts, change your habits, and become free from alcohol.

"Once I was free from alcohol, I was finally able to lose weight, get healthy, and achieve some lifetime goals!" -Ruby Williams, This Naked Mind Certified Coach


Freedom Renegade Explorers

Start here if you are still drinking and want to try moderating your alcohol use. In this phase you will become aware of your thoughts and behaviors.

Alcohol Freedom Renegade

Join me here if you have decided to stop drinking altogether. In this phase you will learn how to maneuver through life events without drinking.

Lifetime Freedom Renegade

You have reached the final phase and are now free from alcohol! We will uncover your passions and create the changes you want to make in your life!

Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind

Annie Grace revamped her own relationship with alcohol — she stripped it of its power and changed her beliefs about booze being a reward — and today she helps others across the globe do the same. Her approach helps people where rehabs have not. She’s created a brand new way to look at the role of alcohol in our lives, establishing a safe space for those who question their drinking but haven’t self-diagnosed as alcoholics stuck in denial of an incurable disease. Annie Grace preaches compassion, knowing its power over shame and blame is the best way to achieve lasting change. And, she offers a proven alternative to the obsolete-and-ineffective-yet-still-relied-upon recipe for success that deems anything less than 100 percent abstinence from alcohol is failure. Annie Grace doesn’t teach people how to be sober; she helps them quash their desire to drink in the first place.

"This Naked Mind Certified Coach Ruby Williams has helped me make profound mental shifts in my limiting beliefs and thinking processes. Our coaching sessions have been easy and fun. Ruby utilizes gentle, clear and thoughtful questioning; while also reviewing my assigned homework to shine light on the areas that need more of my attention for personal growth.

The breakthroughs are coming fast and by using the tools and ideas that she shares; we have uncovered beliefs that are no longer serving me. Now more than ever, I am feeling empowered and motivated for change because of the 1:1 coaching with Ruby. She is helping me realize how important my needs are and to remember that; if I want to have the life I truly want I must simply decide to commit to my own highest potential to realize my dreams."

- Kristen Olson, Sonoma, CA

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